What you’ll learn (Welcome)

Welcome to the DaVinci Resolve iPad MasterClass

I’m happy you took this step! I personally think we are on the edge of the next revolution when it comes to Video Editing. DaVinci Resolve on the iPad will change the Video Editing experience forever. And we are noticing the change in real time! I’m stoked about everything that is coming.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Daniel a Filmmaker and Travel Blogger from Germany and since 2015 i’m traveling around the world. I was always the underdog. In shool they spit on me. Fear of Failure until i started traveling.

Lived on the Road in my self-converted Camper Van for 3 Years.

Worked in the Movie Industry in Vancouver. Started my own Business and become obsessed with Video Editing. Filmmaking gave me an outlet.

I believe all of us can change the world! We all have something to give. And what better way than through Movies and Videos. I’m happy that you are part of this ride!

Cheers Daniel

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